Gain an overview of your production through data visualization.

DIAP dashboard

DIAP will provide you with a new view on your production. By visualizing your production data, you will see things clearer and it will become obvious how you can make both small and large adjustments to optimize your production.

You can set up several DIAP dashboards and customize them for specific users:



Production Rate | Quality | OEE | Energy Usage | Incident Rate



Historical reporting | Real-time Status | OEE | Process Capacity



Planned and Unplanned Stops | Uptime and Downtime | Alarm Notifications


The modular design makes it easy and intuitive to use the DIAP dashboard. You will get several options for analyzing and visualizing both real-time and historical data from PLCs, sensors and industrial robots.


Basic: Real-time & historical data

Get started tracking the performance of systems, machines and equipment using DIAP’s basic functionalities. You can make fact-based decisions in real-time that greatly affect the efficiency of your production. The basic functionalities are:


Real-time monitoring of machine performance.


Critical alarm notifications.


Analysis of historical data.


Real-time data from collaborative robots

The DIAP gateway collects data from most collaborative robots. The data is securely stored in the cloud. You can access, monitor and analyze the collected data in real-time using the DIAP dashboard.

Add-on: OEE application

Measure and visualize plant performance with the DIAP OEE extension. The real-time OEE functionality makes it possible to perform corrective actions quickly and efficiently. The historical data lets you determine areas of long-term improvement. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness tools are:


Production status with OEE and downtime.


Stop duration and stop causes.


Historical and daily reporting.


Add-on: Predictive Maintenance

The DIAP predictive maintenance add-on will give you a complete set of analytic tools and widgets that you can customize to match your specific needs:

(Launched Q1 2019)


A customizable map with markers that provides an overview of recent alarms and where the alarms have occured.


Bullet graps that give a clear indication (e.g. red, yellow, green) of the current state of the production line, engine, pump, etc.


Alarms with advanced filters and a list of methods to notify the shop floor or maintenance crew of when a part needs to be replaced.


Complete insight into the diagnostics by displaying the raw and processed data from the analysis.


Improve availability, performance and quality.

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DIAP mobile application

DIAP app

Machine status and alarms on the go

The DIAP smartphone application provides technicians and operators with an easy overview of the current machine status.

By using the app, operators and technicians will receive an alarm notification as soon as a machine reaches a defined limit. DIAP dashboard will let you set up different types of alarms. 

Let DIAP improve productivity and reduce costs

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