Data Intelligence

A team of specialists ready to support you

Data Intelligence possesses in-depth process knowledge and extensive experience within the fields of embedded software development and Big Data. Our dedicated team of hardware and software developers are highly qualified to improve production and electronics.


Management & Administration

Jesper Rantala

Vice President Data Intelligence


Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen

Sales & Marketing Director


Jens Vincent Ancker

Development Director

Thomas Terp

Business Coordinator


Sales & Marketing

Kasper Andersen

Business Development Engineer


Kathrine Maigaard Jacobsen

Marketing & Communication


Anna-Lise Vaaben

Communication Specialist


Support & System

Hasan Galib Luther 

Team Lead Support & System


Torben Stallknecht

Software Engineer


Anel Busuladzic

Electronics Technician




Product Development

Morten Møller Jakobsen

Software Architect


Jan Groth Clausen

Team Lead, DIAP


Lasse Kristensen

Electronics Engineer


Kenneth Funding Fisker

Software Engineer

Claus Hvid Andreasen

Software Engineer


Project Group

Per Christensen

Project Manager


Thomas Hylle

Project Manager


Per Francke

Senior Engineer, B.Sc


Christian Talbro

Project Engineer

Daniel Fisker

Software Engineer, B.Sc