A nine video setup guide to DIAP

Watch the nine introductory videos to get started using your DIAP.

Going through the videos one by one will provide you with a strong basis for setting up the industry 4.0 platform in your production.


For more detailed instructions on using DIAP, please read the DIAP User Guide.

1: Unboxing DIAP

2: Attaching sensors and PLCs

3: Internet connectivity

4: Standalone sensors

5: PLC setup

6: Alarms

7: User access

8: Dashboard

9: OEE extension

We have more IIoT insights to share

10. Sep. 2019

What is a Pareto chart? Including examples of unplanned downtime Paretos

Using a pareto chart to visualize e.g. production downtime will provide you with an immediate overview of your production efficiency. Read this blogpost and learn more about the graphical tool.

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16. Mar. 2019

The definition of OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which is a way of measuring the production efficiency. Read this blogpost and understand why an OEE calculation will benefit your manufacturing company.

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30. Jan. 2019

Interroll new Official DIAP Partner

We are happy and proud to announce Interroll Nordic as new DIAP Partner. Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions.

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