Learn how we have helped other companies discover their hidden potential

Each time DIAP is installed at a production site, the management as well as the worker on the production floor will get a new view on their production. Read on and see how DIAP has revealed the hidden potential at some of our customers.

GPV - global EMS manufacturer

GPV Denmark uses DIAP for data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines. By measurig OEE alone, GPV has in only 6 months been able to increase their output by 10%.

Robots as a Service

With a fast-growing robot rental business, German Hahn Robshare have chosen to make DIAP an integrated part of their business. DIAP facilitates both invoicing, troubleshooting and service for the robot rental company who is planning to make use of all DIAP’s applications.

Pump vibration monitoring

By monitoring vibration of wastewater pumps at Danish utility company Skanderborg Forsyning, DIAP is used to predict pump breakdowns and plan maintenance much more efficiently than before.

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