Industry 4.0 and IIoT

At DIAP, we believe that digitization and Industry 4.0 is the only way for modern manufacturing companies to achieve real savings and optimizations. Industry 4.0 is the process of digitizing industrial production by linking manufacturing equipment to IT. The Industrial IoT refers to the network of machines, sensors, clouds, and users and their ability to exchange data. In order to implement IIoT successfully in your production, utilization of big data is essential.

A base for future technology

By digitizing your production, you can start benefitting from the vast amount of data already flowing through your production. Data that will provide you with previously hidden knowledge that you can use immediately for optimizing your business and improving the bottom line.

Data collection and digitization will provide you with a valuable base for benefiting from the technologies of the future.

We provide the cyber to your physical

Industry 4.0 includes cyber-physical systems that monitor processes and enable decentralized decisions. The systems become Industrial Internet of Things - connected machines, robots and production lines that communicate and cooperate with each other and plant personnel in real-time.

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Turning big data into real actions that improve the bottom line

We consider big data an industrial business model. By monitoring manufacturing equipment 24/7 and collecting the data already flowing through production sites, we are provided with a knowledge that we can use for better utilization of resources, preventive maintenance and increased product quality.

Keeping your data safe

Connecting machines and making production data accessible places even higher demands on data security. Keeping your data safe is a pivotal part of the DIAP Digitalization Platform. 

Secure data storage

Why implement Industry 4.0?

 Reduced time to market    Enhanced flexibility    Increased quality   Increased efficiency


A successful implementation of Industry 4.0

The possibilities of industry 4.0 are endless. The challenge is how to implement the technologies in an order that gives the best result on the bottom line.

By breaking Industry 4.0 into 4 steps, your production will gradually mature into a digital factory. The 4 steps presented in our blog post are data collection, digital processes, predictive maintenance and self-adjusting machines.

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Henrik D. Pedersen

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