One complete solution

In contrast to many similar products, DIAP is truly flexible because it provides you with an integrated hardware-software solution which is fully compatible with any PLC, sensor or industrial robot. 

The DIAP gateway collects data from your production units and sends the data to a secure cloud storage from where the DIAP software analyzes the data. Using your normal web browser, you can access the data in the DIAP dashboard and gain an overview of your entire production.   

The advantages are many. By monitoring your production equipment in real time, you can reduce downtime, plan maintenance more efficiently, increase performance and make better use of your ressources.

Digitize with DIAP

Let us show you how DIAP can help you discover the hidden potential of your business.

DIAP is quick and easy to get started on and does not require large investments - neither timewise nor financial.

CASE STUDY: Novozymes benefits from data collection

“We use DIAP's dashboards and reports at daily meetings, where we review the stops that have been going on for the past 24 hours. It gives us a much more structured approach to problem solving and a common starting point for making improvements”.


Wahib Joseph Abboud, Optimization Lead in Digital Change Management, Novozymes

4 competitive advantages


Discover the hidden potential


By collecting and analyzing production data, DIAP will help you reveal the hidden potential of your production.



Exceptional service


DIAP is more than just a product. If you have questions or experience problems, we react immediately.


Always up-to-date 


We constantly develop new features and functionalities based on the feedback from our customers.



Safety first 


Safety is a top priority, and DIAP is equipped with multi-level information security. Your production data is yours and will stay yours.


Optimize production

Let us show you how DIAP can help you improve your production efficiency

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