Real-time analytics & monitoring

By monitoring your production in real-time, you are immediately notified about issues such as machine faults or leakages. This will let you to respond to the issue right away, thereby avoiding costly downtime. 

In the long run, you can use the data collected by DIAP for predictive maintenance by gaining insight into the details of specific parameters.


 Monitor for example vibrations, temperature or power consumption.

 Use real-time data to take immediate action based on facts.

 Use historical data for predictive maintenance.

CASE: GPV Electronics

EMS manufacturer GPV uses DIAP to collect data and optimize production efficiency.

In only 6 months, the company has achieved a 10% increase in output by using the OEE application integrated in DIAP.

Alarm management

Using the DIAP dashboard and app, you can set up critical alarms and make sure that the right operators or technicians receive them when they occur.


Set baselines for alarms.

Receive alarm notifications anytime, anywhere.

Assign and address alarm notifications.

Document alarms.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The DIAP OEE add-on gives you an easy overview of the overall performance of your production facility. This will let both management and the people on the shop floor gain insight into the actual state of the production and enable them to make improvements based on real facts. 

The OEE add-on makes it possible for operators to digitally enter reasons for downtime and visually display the effective operating time of a production line. 


OEE overview in real-time.

Duration and reasons for downtime.

Comparison of machines across lines or sites.

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