The four stages of digital transformation

DIAP Digitalization Platform

Digital transformation

The integration of digital technology in manufacturing processes is how we understand digital transformation. To do that, we have developed the DIAP Digitalization Platform that breaks Industry 4.0 down into four stages.

The stages are designed to ensure a gradual and fully customizable integration of digital technology. This provides you with a flexible and future-proof solution.

Our Platform is license-based. This means that the functionalities integrated in your solution always match the current stage in your digital transformation process.

DIAP Digitalization Platform

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Descriptive stage

Descriptive stage

Basic functionalities: Data collection and aggregation

The descriptive stage is a mandatory starting point for the digital transformation. With the DIAP Digitalization Platform, your digital transformation begins with real-time monitoring of machines and equipment. The tools in the descriptive stage will help you detect faults, leaks and errors that will help you:


 Minimize machine stops

 Fasten your decision-making processes

 Optimize machine performance

Performance stage

Add-on functionalities: Digital LEAN & OEE

Combining the basic functionalities with digital LEAN and OEE functionalities gives you a detailed understanding of the efficiency of your production. Registration of machine downtime and causes will provide you with:


Check mark Exact stop times

Check mark Knowledge about the most common downtime causes

Check mark Live OEE numbers

Performance stage
4 steps on how to implement Industry 4.0 DIAP

A successful implementation of Industry 4.0

The possibilities of industry 4.0 are endless. The challenge is how to implement the technologies in an order that gives the best result on the bottom line.

By breaking Industry 4.0 into 4 steps, your production will gradually mature into a digital factory. The 4 steps presented in our blog post are data collection, digital processes, predictive maintenance and self-adjusting machines.

Predictive stage

Predictive stage

Add-on functionalities: Maintenance management

Errors are more likely to occur if an industrial robot or assembly machine starts running irregularly. The knowledge gained by actively applying DIAP in your production provides operators and technicians with a strong basis for predictive maintenance. An upgrade to Maintenance 4.0 lets you:


 Increase machine availability

Improve service continuously

Reduce unscheduled downtime

Prescriptive stage

Add-on functionalities: Self-learning and -adjusting machines

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are ways of making work processes simpler and more efficient. The technologies have the potential of being the biggest driver of increased productivity. The autonomous nature of the functionalities will:


 Boost employees' performance

Eliminate monotonous and labor-intensive tasks

Prescriptive stage

Put industry 4.0 into practice

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