Industrial IoT platform

DIAP gateway connects the collection of production data, cloud storage, data analysis and user interface. The gateway is easy to mount and is ready for data collection immediately after installation.

The DIAP gateway collects and aggregates machine data from PLCs, sensors and industrial robots. The data is encrypted and stored in the cloud from where it is accessible using the DIAP dashboard.


DIAP includes everything you need to get your Industry 4.0 process started:

 DIAP gateway connectable with PLCs, sensors and industrial robots

Breakout box with 50 screwless terminals

Power connector


Features of the DIAP gateway

DIAP input


Connecting the machines and equipment in your production with the DIAP gateway requires different types of connectivity. The DIAP gateway is easily integrated in your existing production equipment as it is connectable with up to five PLCs, external sensors and industrial robots by means of:

  I/O connectivity 




 4G (additional purchase)

Fits all production environments

The DIAP gateway can be installed in any type and size of production. The compact aluminum case and specially designed board make the gateway operational in temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

The nine-video setup guide takes you through the primary steps of setting up the DIAP gateway and dashboard.

The security of your data matters to us

The data collected by DIAP is secured by end-to-end encryption. In this way we make sure that only authorized personnel can access the DIAP.

How does DIAP suit your production?

Please contact me for a talk about how DIAP fits your production.

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