Are you ready to digitalize your production, but unsure how to begin?

Get started with digitalization

Are you almost sure that there is a hidden potential in your production, but unsure how to find it?

Let DIAP guide you!

DIAP's digitalization supporter has several years of experience from both production environments and digital development.

Hands-on advice

In only three steps, he is able to help you identify the digital potential of your production. You will get practical advice that will let you start your digitalization process immediately.

DIAP Digitalization Supporter - Morten Halkjær

DIAP Digitalization Supporter - Morten Halkjær

Need support to start digitalization?

We can help you take digitalization to a level that makes sense in your production set-up. Download the pdf and contact us to get started today!

Digitalization support

3 steps to digitalization

DIAP's 3 steps to digitalization includes a workshop, subsequent analysis by our digitalization supporter and a report sent to you by e-mail. Please contact us to learn more.

Need help getting started?

Please contact Morten, if you would like an external perspective on your production and hands-on advice on how to start your digitalization process.

Contact Morten

Morten Halkjær

Digitalization Supporter