Discover the efficiency of your production with DIAP OEE

How well do you know your production? Do you know the OEE of your manufacturing line? Are you aware of the reasons for downtime? Do you count the number of good and rejected products on the line?

Let DIAP give you the answers

DIAP OEE can provide you with detailed answers to the above questions.

And when you have the answers, you can start taking action and begin to improve the performance, availability and quality of your production.

DIAP OEE will give you an overview of

  • How well your production is running (performance)
  • Reasons and duration of production stops (availability)
  • Total number of accepted and rejected units (quality)
Get an overview of your production speed

Get an overview of your production speed

Compare performance

With DIAP OEE you can easily compare OEE between production lines or sites and use the overview as a basis for internal discussions and improvement initiatives.

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CASE STUDY: OEE increased by 25% in only 3 months

"By using DIAP to collect OEE data and register all reasons for downtime, we have in only 3 months improved productivity on our lines by 25%. The system provides us with a detailed overview of where and why production errors occur."


Søren Gotfredsen, Senior Lean Manager, Danish Crown Beef

Discover OEE

Watch the video and see how the DIAP OEE application works in real life.

Discover the many reporting options, see how to sort reports on various parameters and find out how easy it is to gain an overview of your production efficiency.

Visualize downtime

Gain immediate overview of all stop reasons

Gain immediate overview of all stop reasons

In the DIAP OEE application, you can enter the stop reasons relevant to your specific unit or line. 

By applying the relevant stop reason each time a unit is standing still, you will gain a complete overview of why and for how long your equipment has been stopped. 

  • Enter unit-specific stop reasons
  • Automatically register duration of stops
  • Sort views based on order, product or opreating shift

Benefits of digitizing OEE

There are many advantages to OEE. And by calculating OEE digitally, you will eliminate data inaccuracy and be able to base improvements on facts instead of manual registrations or gut feelings. Digital visualization of OEE will enable you to

  • Reduce downtime

  • Plan stops more efficiently

  • Improve quality

  • Optimize efficiency

  • Improve your bottom line

Create reports

DIAP OEE will give you access to a number of different report types visualizing OEE. 

You can base your reports on different parameters to perform detailed planning or to target data to selected user groups.  

  • Design reports as you like (bar, graph, diagram etc.)
  • Combine data in different ways (based on order, product, period etc.)
  • Export or print reports in a number of file formats
Create a variety of different reports

Create a variety of different reports

Want to know more about digital OEE?

Contact me and let me show you how easy it is to improve performance by working with OEE data.

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