Remote access

Connect to your machines - anytime, anywhere

With DIAP, you can combine data collection and visualization with remote access to machines and equipment. The advantages are many and the optimization potential significant.

On-demand remote access

With the on-demand remote access application, you can access machines and equipment all over the world from your PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need to do is to connect DIAP to the machines via Ethernet or WiFi.

Remote access can be used to:

  • troubleshoot and reprogram PLCs, robots and industrial PCs
  • support technicians on site
  • view and control machine interfaces


DIAP Remote Access dashboard

DIAP Remote Access dashboard

Secure remote connection

Remote communication through DIAP has been set up with security as a top priority. The application comes with integrated security functions and you have complete control over the communication.

Combine data collection with remote access

How it works

Use case: System integrators

For system integrators or machine builders who choose to make DIAP an integrated part of their solutions, the remote access application provides several advantages.

  • DIAP combines remote access with data collection. This means that you only need one solution and that both you and your customer have access to the same data. No other hardware or software necessary.

  • With DIAP as an integrated part of your solution, you will be able to offer customized service agreements where maintenance and support are based on real-time production data. No need for costly and time-consuming service inspections based on time intervals.

  • By being able to connect to machines remotely, you can offer your customers immediate support and troubleshooting. You can perform updates and reprogramming without leaving the office.

Use case: Manufacturing company

For manufacturing companies with multiple sites, DIAP Remote Access offers the possibility to connect to machines and equipment located all over the world. This gives you the following advantages.

  • By already using DIAP for data collection, you only need one solution to connect to your equipment located elsewhere. DIAP includes everything you need to manage and improve your production.

  • You do not need specialists at all production sites. By letting trained technicians and engineers connect to machines all over the world, you can make better use of your resources.

  • Many problems can be solved via remote access and by combining this with collection of production data, you will be able to reduce your travel costs significantly and to plan your maintenance much more efficiently. 

Want to know more about remote access?

Remote access has been known and used for many years. Combining it with data collection paves the way for a number of new advantages. Contact me for a talk about how we can help you digitize and optimize your business.

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