Increase efficiency, reduce downtime and improve your bottom line

Discover the hidden potential

By collecting and analyzing data from your production, DIAP helps you to discover the hidden potential of your production. At a flick of a switch, you will see new possibilities that will let you reduce costs, improve quality and increase productivity. In short, DIAP will enable you to do things smarter and make better use of your resources.

Case: Data collection with strong potential

For data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines, DIAP was the futureproof choice for the global EMS manufacturer GPV. By measuring OEE alone, GPV has in only 6 months been able to increase their output by 10%

How to start your industrial digitalization project

The most direct way to a more efficient production is to collect data and digitize your production processes. 

This free white paper describes the 10 steps most important steps on how to digitize your production successfully. It touches upon themes such as:

  • Setting clear objectives and goals
  • Getting your employees involved
  • Providing the right tools and training

DIAP references



14. Feb. 2020

How data collection can help create more sustainable production patterns

By collecting production data, companies can reduce their use of resources and create a more sustainable production.

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10. Sep. 2019

What is a Pareto chart? Including examples of unplanned downtime Paretos

Using a pareto chart to visualize e.g. production downtime will provide you with an immediate overview of your production efficiency. Read this blogpost and learn more about the graphical tool.

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16. Mar. 2019

The definition of OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which is a way of measuring the production efficiency. Read this blogpost and understand why an OEE calculation will benefit your manufacturing company.

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