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10. Sep. 2019

What is a Pareto chart? Including examples of unplanned downtime Paretos

Using a pareto chart to visualize e.g. production downtime will provide you with an immediate overview of your production efficiency. Read this blogpost and learn more about the graphical tool.

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16. Mar. 2019

The definition of OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which is a way of measuring the production efficiency. Read this blogpost and understand why an OEE calculation will benefit your manufacturing company.

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04. Dec. 2018

A guide to understanding Predictive Maintenance

What is Predictive Maintenance, what is the story behind it and how does it work? This article takes a closer look at the concept to help you decide whether to take your maintenance approach to the next level.

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04. Oct. 2018

5 measures to ensure long-term partnerships from Industry 4.0

The technological solutions within Industry 4.0 are numerous and all different, so how do you choose the right solution for your specific production facility? Read on and find our answers on how to benefit from Industry 4.0

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12. Sep. 2018

How to get your employees committed to Industry 4.0

The new industrial revolution brings many changes. Not least to the people working in the manufacturing industry. This article focuses on 5 human aspects that you must consider to benefit fully from Industry 4.0

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28. Aug. 2018

10 advantages of OEE

There are plenty of reasons why OEE is used as a tool for continuous improvement at companies around the world. These are the top 10 greatest advantages and benefits it provides.

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31. Jul. 2018

How to maximize productivity with OEE monitoring

Industry 4.0 technology allows us to monitor production equipment like never before. Especially OEE monitoring makes your production more transparant and enables your to recognize problem areas as they occur.

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06. Jul. 2018

DIAP setup guide

The video introductions gets you started using DIAP. Going through the videos one by one will provide you with a strong basis for setting up the industry 4.0 platform in your production.

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03. Jul. 2018

4 steps on how to implement industry 4.0

Digitalization is all around us. Realtime data analysis, digitalized monitoring and machine learning are only a few of the technologies being introduced under the concept of Industry 4.0.

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02. Jul. 2018

Product presentation of DIAP

Watch the video presentation to learn how DIAP can improve your productivity and enhance your competitiveness.

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20. Jun. 2018

DIAP show and tell video in Danish

Watch the video to learn how DIAP can improve productivity using real-time data.

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24. Apr. 2018

Why you should start Industry 4.0 with collecting big data

What does Industry 4.0 mean to us? And how can we turn big data into real actions that – at the end of the day – will improve our bottom line?

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