DIAP integrates both hardware and software

An all-inclusive solution

In contrast to many similar products on the market, DIAP is an all-inclusive solution integrating both hardware and software.

The DIAP IIoT gateway collects all types of data and is fully compatible with any PLC, sensor or industrial robot.

DIAP is the obvious choice if you wish to digitalize your production and work towards Industry 4.0. And it does not require you to make large investments or change your way of working completely.

CASE STUDY: Easy set-up and intuitive dashboards

"To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. Everyone seems to think that their products are intuitive and easy to use, and this is unfortunately not always the case. With DIAP, however, things were different. I spent less than 2 hours setting up the system, and the collected data is already of great value to us”.


Christian Lund, Technical Project Engineer, Smurfit Kappa

One fits all

The aluminum-cased DIAP gateway is designed for industrial use and can be deployed in almost any type and size of production environment. It is fully operational in temperatures between 0 and +60 degrees Celcius.

Study the technical details

How does it work?

The DIAP gateway is easily installed in the electrical cabinet, and it is ready to collect data as soon as it is connected.

All you need to do, is to decide what type of data you wish to collect and from where you want to collect it – PLCs, sensors or robots.

DIAP communicates with your production equipment via I/O connectivity or Ethernet, and it is compatible with all common communication standards such as Profinet, OPC-UA, Modbus, CAN-bus etc.

Secure cloud storage

Your collected data is securely transferred from the DIAP gateway to a cloud database for safe storage. DIAP comes with a Microsoft Azure solution that includes unparalleled security intelligence. In this way, we guarantee maximum protection of your data.

Each DIAP user has a unique password. Access to the DIAP software is managed by one or more administrators selected by you. 

We perform secure, regular updates of the software suite to protect against the latest threats.

Want to see DIAP in action?

Contact me for a 30 minute presentation of DIAP and let me show you how DIAP can transform your business.

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