Would you like to be able to look into the future?

To many manufacturing companies, maintenance is a costly affair. Often, time and resources are being spent on replacing parts that do not need replacement or remedying problems that could have been prevented.

Let DIAP help you

DIAP Predictive Maintenance allows you to spot potential issues before they occur. This will let you make better use of your resources and ultimately offer you substantial savings on maintenance.

To get started with predictive maintenance, you need to collect and analyze large amounts of data. And this is exactly what DIAP is able to do. 

DIAP is therefore the obvious choice if you want to take your maintenance approach to the next level.

The DIAP approach to predictive maintenance

DIAP predictive maintenance will give you access to a complete set of analytical models and widgets that you can use to spot downtime before it occurs.

See what it is all about

Want to prevent failures?

The DIAP predictive maintenance application includes a failure diagnostics tool that will allow you to predict when mechanical components such as bearings are to be replaced - before they fail. The tool includes:

  • A customizable map providing you with a complete overview of recent alarms and exactly where the alarms have occured.
  • A list showing the status of your equipment, e.g. by green, yellow and red indications.
  • A number of different graphs and diagrams showing e.g. the vibrations of pumps or bearings.

Visualize maintenance

What is Predicitive Maintenance?

Are you unsure about what Predictive Maintenance is all about, or how to take advantage of the many benefits? 

Start by reading our blog post on Predictive Maintenance and contact us for more information.

High-quality data is important

Predictive maintenance requires processing of huge amounts of data. That places high demands on both data quality and data processing capabilities. 

The DIAP predictive maintenance application accomodates both requirements by

  • including data filtering to remove unwanted noise.
  • enabling data processing both locally on the IIoT gateway and in the cloud.

This gives you have immediate access to high-quality predictive data.

Would you like to optimize your maintenance processes?

Please contact me if you would like to know more about how DIAP predictive maintenance can help you reduce your maintenance costs substantially.

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