Only what is measured can be improved

By letting DIAP provide you with real-time production data, you will get an immediate overview of your production. This will let you spot the optimization potential and improve your bottom line. Read on and discover the options.

Real-time production insight

With the DIAP real-time application, you can collect and visualize production data in real-time. This will give you a fact-based overview of your production, and it will let you follow the status of your equipment closely. You can easily monitor parameters such as:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Number of produced / rejected units
  • Vibrations
  • Power consumption

CASE STUDY: Data collection pays off immediately

"In only 2 days, we have achieved savings of EUR 8,000 by using DIAP to collect temperature data from our cooling units.

The DIAP dashboards let me visualize exactly the data I want in a simple manner that is easily understandable to everyone."


Christian Lund, Technical Project Engineer, Smurfit Kappa, Denmark

Intuitive dashboard builder

Customize dashboards to match your exact requirements

Customize dashboards to match your exact requirements

The DIAP real-time application is intuitive and easy to use. You can move and resize elements on the dashboard and select between a number of different graphs and widgets to display exactly the data you wish to see. 

The real-time application will also let you build dashboards with information targeted towards specific user groups, for example:

  • Plant management
  • Production manager
  • Operators and/or maintenance personnel

Eliminate guesswork

By collecting and visualizing production data in real-time, you will gain detailed insight into your production. Insight that will eliminate guesswork and let you improve production based on real-time facts.

Kick-start digitaliztion with real-time data

Alarm management

The DIAP real-time application allows you to set up alarms and send notifications to relevant personnel by e-mail or text message. This will let you react to issues immediately and even avoid errors before they occur. With DIAP real-time application, you can:

  • Set baselines for alarms
  • Receive alarm notifications anytime, anywhere
  • Assign and address alarm notifications
  • Document and compare alarms
Alarms sent via e-mail or text message

Alarms sent via e-mail or text message

See DIAP in action

DIAP offers you a wide range of options for analyzing and visualizing your production data. 

Watch the video and discover how easily DIAP can be installed in your production and provide you with valuable insights.

Visualize your production

The DIAP dashboard builder will not only let you insert widgets and graphs, you will also get the option of uploading your own pictures or drawings.

This will enable you to create dashboards that match your specific production and gives you exactly the data you need.

You can for example insert a layout drawing of your production line and display selected data according to your needs.

Insert a drawing of your production and display relevant data

Insert a drawing of your production and display relevant data

Would you like to understand your production better?

DIAP provides you with fact-based insights into your production. Contact me for a live demonstration of how DIAP can help you optimize your business.

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